Ode to the Earth

Every day is a good day to celebrate our connection to nature. Enjoy nature through hiking, beachcombing, or taking strolls in local parks. Bring nature into your garden with plants that attract butterflies and hummingbirds. Plant a tree or a vegetable garden.

Inspire children to get excited about being outdoors by listening to these kids’ music albums about Mother Earth and the animals and creatures that live in our beautiful country.

Owl Singalong by Raffi
Raffi is a Canadian legendary music producer, kids’ entertainer and ecology advocate. Owl Singalong is for all listeners who love owls. It features 16 new songs with a range of styles and a variety of instruments including strings, mandolin and ukulele. The title track “Owl Singalong” was inspired by the owls near Raffi’s home on Salt Spring Island. Flap your wings and “hoot” like an owl while you sing-along at the chorus. “Who Hoo Could I Be” is a fun animal guessing song with more owls hooting. Other toe-tapping tunes on this album include “I Nod My Head,” “The Lion Pokey,” and in French “Dans La Foret.” The album includes children’s voices from the Salt Spring Elementary School choir.

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Sea Notes by Bobs & Lolo
Bobs & Lolo is a Vancouver-based children’s music duo. Bobs and Lolo gained initial success by performing at the Vancouver Aquarium where they recorded “Sea Notes” in 2004. Sea Notes has a marine-based theme and introduces children to ocean life through thoughtful lyrics and upbeat rhythms. The album is composed in a wide range of genres, including jazz, rock, blues and pop and introduces kids to a diversity of marine life. The album will enlighten young listeners about sea life while singing along to “Mr. Shark,” “Beluga Song”, “Octave the Octopus,” and “I Wish I Was a Jellyfish.” Instruments include djembe, boom whackers, ukulele, guitars and piano.

Call of the Wild by Aaron Burnett
Aaron Burnett is a singer/songwriter from Manitoba. “Call of the Wild” pays homage to the great outdoors and features songs about animals that are endangered or threatened in Canada. The songs are written in bluegrass style and features traditional bluegrass instrumentation of guitar, banjo, upright bass and the mandolin. It’s a fun and thoughtful recording, which features 15 Canadian animals including bears, wolves, beavers, chipmunks, buffalo, and the Canada goose. Sing along to rhythmic melodies such as “I’m a Wolf Hear Me Howl,” “Beaver in my Backyard,” “Sammy the Skunk,” and “Swimming with an Orca.”

Worms & Dirt by Mary Lambert
Juno Award Nominee, Mary Lambert, is a singer/songwriter from Alberta. As the title suggests, this album is for all listeners who love worms and getting dirty in the garden. Worms & Dirt is a fun and creative album full of original and catchy rhythms as well as fun wiggling actions. Instruments include piano, fiddle, flute and sax all anchored by guitar/bass combo and lit up with rich vocal harmonies. The album takes you on a fun musical journey, from “Down at the Worm Farm” to “The Worm Wiggle” and ending with the toe-tapping “My Beautiful World.”

Jerri Carson is a retired music teacher. She now spends her time playing the piano and cello.

Jerri Carson
Jerri Carson
Jerri Carson is a retired music teacher. She now spends her time playing the piano and cello.