Emotional Safety – The Basis for Healthy Social and Emotional Development

Duration: 22:55

How Can You Ensure that Your Child Experiences Emotional Safety?

Emotional safety sets your child up for a lifetime of mental and physical health, and happiness. It helps your baby learn trust, and encourages you to trust your instincts as a parent.

A series of renowned experts in early childhood, beginning with Dr. Evan Adams, now First Nations Health Authority Chief Medical Officer, describe the various aspects of Emotional Safety. They share current research on brain development and social and emotional development using everyday language.

Authentic and diverse parents, from teen parents who were street kids to Harvard Educated university professors and an Indigenous elder, share parenting stories and model nurturing. They show how you can help your child feel emotionally safe.

The Importance of Your Baby’s First Relationships

The research on healthy social and emotional development is compelling: first relationships create a template for all future relationships. When you respond to your baby’s cues and turn-take while talking to your baby, when you sing, hold and touch your baby, you are helping your baby to feel secure. When babies feel secure they can relax and learn. Early nurturing, as described and demonstrated in this video, can put your child on the path for lifelong wellbeing.

Developed with Vancouver Native Health Society

Special thanks to Nadine Gagné and Children of the Rainbow Drum Group for generously donating their music.


Dr. Evan Adams, Dr. Nils Bergman, Dr. Thomas Boyce, Dr. Adele Diamond, Dr. Andrew Macnab, Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn, Dr. Janet Werker

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