islandparent Family Media Videos Bathing Baby How to Bathe a Baby: From Scary to Soothing

How to Bathe a Baby: From Scary to Soothing

Duration: 3:54

Reassurance for those Challenging First Baths

There are important benefits to bathing a baby. The first few bath times can sometimes be challenging, although water is actually a natural environment for new babies. Soon bath time can become a soothing, nurturing experience for all.

Contact and Communication are Soothing to Baby

A fun bath time, with talking, smiling and gentle touch is a positive gift for babies that helps develop language skills and self esteem. Parents and professionals share their insights.


Dr. Carolyn Steinberg, Dr. Stefanie Green, Dr. Andrew Macnab, Kim Millar Lewis, Tammy Timms, Eva Bild

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