Society and Stress: the Impact on Children

Duration: 2:55

Parental Stress is Passed on to the Children

A parent’s toxic environment impacts a child’s early life with lifelong consequences for the child. The stress parents experience is a reflection of the stress around them. It is important to understand this and the role of biology. Certain experiences, such as aggression, are passed on to our children. Dr. Szyf makes a compassionate plea for support for parents and early childhood care.

Lack of Community Support for Families Causes Increased Stress

How can society break this aggressive cycle and help protect future generations? Society, including every level from the neighbourhood to the workplace to the nation, either creates or reduces the factors that cause families to experience stress. Policies to create early childhood care and show children a loving environment, particularly in areas where aggression is common, are recommended as the best intervention.


Dr. Moshe Szyf

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