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Theatre SKAM Pop Up Theatre! Home Delivery!!

It was a cool, starry fall evening in Victoria as people gathered into the street. They set out lawn chairs and then sat… waiting…

And then, the truck appeared. On the back of the pickup was a boxed theatre, with a large glowing window. As it pulled up, carnival music began to ring through the silence and shapes began to light up the screen.

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“This is Theatre SKAM’s Pop Up Theatre Home Delivery!”

Back for a second Halloween season by popular demand, Theatre SKAM is offering COVID-friendly outdoor theatre in 15-minute sets for groups and families of any manageable size, all from their Pop Up Theatre truck. The October shows feature artistic shadow puppetry with high production quality music and voice-over, and range from spooky to heart-warming evening tales.

People can book a theatre show to come to them between October 15 – 31. The company is scheduling performances Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays for time slots between 6:30 – 9:00, when the shadow puppets will be most visible under the cover of the night.  

Audiences can choose between the shows Silly & Scary Stories, which brings to life classic (and spooky!) folktales and The Quest for the Moon, which follows a young fox on a quest through beautiful landscapes to find his friend, the moon. All shows are family-friendly, including Silly and Scary Stories which is meant for “brave seven-year-olds and up!”

The shows are pay what you can thanks to the financial support of Island Savings, Victoria Foundations’ Community Recovery Grant, the BC Arts Council, and the City of Victoria’s Strategic Plan Grant. 

To book your show and find out more, visit!

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