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    1Up: Victoria Single Parent Resource Centre

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    602 Gorge Rd. East

    Victoria, BC
    V8T 2W6
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    The Centre offers a comprehensive selection of unique Life Skills and Parenting programs, Shared Wisdom Workshops, and volunteer opportunities that are open to everyone in the community.

    For single parent members, we offer many free programs and services designed to empower and support the varied and changing needs of one-parent families. Our free services include up to ten individual counselling sessions, a clothing and household goods room, bread pantry, toy and book library, Peer Helpers, community resources, a school supplies drive and a Christmas Sponsorship Program.

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    The Lighthouse Parent: A forever Journey

    Whether we realize it or not, we have learned how to parent from our parents and grandparents or extended family. And since the techniques of yesterday are not necessarily the most enlightened for today’s child you can find yourself dealing with unanticpated and unnecessary conflict with your children. 
    The Lighthouse Parent is an innovative program for parents who want to learn how their child’s brain develops from womb to 18 years. Find out what the latest research says about attachment theory, brain plasticity, and how you can joyfully connect with your child at every age and stage. Lighthouse Parent: A Forever Journey is designed for three specific age groups: 0-5, 6-12, and teens.

    We also offer the Extended Lighthouse Parent, an 8-week program designed to offer a close examination of your family-of-origin parenting influences and help you find your very own parenting practices that will work for you and your children.


    MOMentum Series: Moms and Mentors

    The Moms and Mentors program offers support and guidance to isolated single mothers by matching them with volunteer mentors who are often experienced mothers. Not only do the moms and mentors benefits, the children also benefit from increased social connections and an expanded sense of community through the program.
    In the time that moms and mentors spend together, they might discuss parenting issues, work on personal goals, enjoy fun outings in our community or simply sit down and chat over a coffee together. Mentors do not babysit for the moms they are matched with; they commit one year towards bulding a relationship with the mom.
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