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    Victoria Home Learners Network

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    The Victoria Home Learners’ Network Association (VHLN) is a non-profit society created to support home learning families in the Greater Victoria area. Our membership is comprised of families who follow diverse home learning paths – from traditional approaches to home schooling to “radical” unschooling to everything in between.

    Home Learning Support

    Members provide support to one another through a Hotline (a members-only Yahoo group where individuals post events and activities relevant to the home learning community), a monthly SOS (Support or Socializing) gathering for the parents of home learners, large group events held a few times a year, a website, a discount card for several vendors in the Victoria area, and a membership directory for those who choose to be a part of it.

    Member Benefits

    VHLN members organize several home learning events over the year. In addition to the monthly SOS meetings for parents, members can attend:

            – The Annual VHLN Not-Back-To-School Picnic (September)
            – “Register or Enroll” Information Meeting (September)
            – The Science Celebration (a non-competitive Science &

              project fair)
            – The May Day Potluck and Celebration
            – Events featuring guest speakers

    Who Should Join?

    All families with a direct interest in home learning or home schooling are welcome to join the VHLN… and are invited to join in the activities they feel best fit their family’s collective and individual interests!

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