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Serena Beck works full-time as a Technical Writer. She loves to write, travel, and swim at the beach with family and friends.

Thinking Putty

I place my tray of tea on my side desk in my home office. All three kids are off to school on time (which...

Too Much Stuff

When clutter becomes a safety hazardI hold the tiny purple earring in between my thumb and index finger. It is the fourth time we...

Back @ School: Yes…

Did you send your kids back to school? That’s the question we asked four Island Parent writers. Here are their answers and how they...

For the Love of Water

My son loves water. Most kids are happy playing with water. Here are some fun ideas for water play for kids of all ages—without...

Kids on a Plane

5 No-tech ways to keep them entertained Our four-year-old daughter couldn’t wait to board our plane for Cancún. Minutes after take off she couldn’t wait...

Let’s Rock Hunt

A grandma and her four-year-old granddaughter are strolling along a trail when the girls bends to pick something up. She squeals and holds out...

I H 8 U

“I feel so special.” I said to my husband. “I am so loved.”I held up my very first “I hate you note” from our...

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