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Kate Borsato is a mental health counsellor on Vancouver Island. With her online counselling practice, she supports women during their transitions into motherhood and postpartum stages. Learn more at

The Best Days of Your Life

(or something like that) What goes through your mind when someone says “don’t blink, these are the best days of your life”?I’ve heard this adage...

Avoiding Seasonal Stress

When it comes to the holidays, there seems to be a mixed-bag of emotions. Some people are eager to put up their lights and...

The Small Steps of Self Care

You know that self-care is important, and in fact, a necessary part of a healthy and balanced life. In your role as a parent,...

Making Space for You

In February I’m admittedly hesitant to bring up New Years resolutions. For some of you, positive change may be well underway but for others,...

What Not to Expect When You’re Expecting

Mothers today are unlike any other generation before them. We quite literally have the answer to every possible question right at our fingertips. And...

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