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Lindsay Plumb

Lindsay Plumb is a financial coach and founder of MOOLA Financial. She’s running a free five-day budget makeover starting January 21, sign up here

Tips to Slash Back-To-School Spending

Every September parents are reaching into their wallets to pay for all the costs associated with this time of year. It starts with school...

Tax Time!

There are few things more frustrating and confusing than money for the modern family. For many families, this time of year is the climax...

The Balancing Act of Budgeting

Raising kids in the 21st century during a global pandemic feels very similar to being a trapeze artist walking a tightrope. We’ve got soaring...

Financial First Aid Kit

Canadian families are being hit hard in the pocket right now. Many of those impacts are out of our control, but some of them...

Taxes with Toddlers

Remember back to the simple days when you had a whopping ONE T4 to file? Oh those days seem so long ago, don’t they?Now...

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