Lora McKay

Lora McKay
Lora McKay is a Victoria writer and mother to an amazing nine-year-old daughter and a rescue dog named Lucky. You can read more of her work at breath-by-breath.com.

The Season of Giving

The holiday season is upon us.From October onward, the stores are packed with related merchandise, and we are bombarded with the message to buy...

Summer’s Playfulness in Fall

The hectic school schedule is in full swing. The days are getting shorter, darker and cooler. There is a general sense of sadness for...

Parenting Myself

Ninety per cent of the time, I consider myself to be a pretty decent parent. I care deeply about my child and I enjoy...

The Joy of an Unfinished To-do List

As a single, full-time working parent, I often feel caught up in a juggling act. The balls in the air represent my various identities—mother,...

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