Rachel Dunstan Muller

Rachel Dunstan Muller
Rachel Dunstan Muller is the mother of five, and a children’s author. Her previous articles can be found at islandparent.ca.

Relearning History: A Tour to Kiixin

The sky is overcast but the rain is holding off as we gather at the Kiixin Tour Office on the East Government Dock in...

Sunday Crafternoon

It's a blustery West Coast afternoon, but my three oldest grandchildren and I aren't worried about the weather. We're warm and snug inside, rolling...

The Magic of Small

If you've ever tried to hike with a preschooler, you know how quickly objectives can diverge. The child wants to stop and observe every...

A Grand Adventure

Jeanne Socrates isn’t your typical grandmother.On September 7, 2019, the 77 year-old retired mathematician sailed past Ogden Point and into Victoria’s Inner Harbour, completing...

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