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Webmeister Bud Ridout is the resident geek at Victoria radio stations The Zone @ 91-3 and 100.3 The Q! He’s also an avid photographer, root beer connoisseur, voice actor, and Papa.

A Goody Two-shoes’ Guide to Keepin’ It Cuss-free

I can’t trace why, but I’ve never been much of a swearyface.Where many teens or twentysomethings, already educated in expletives, escalated to coffee (or...

Structure & the Scheduled Kidlet

My kidlet likes a schedule.I’m ruled by time, with alarms for everything from taking out the recycling to not forgetting to eat ice cream...

Papa’s Privacy Policy

Doesn’t have to be “Papa’s,” of course. Please replace that with whichever guardianship title suits you. I just like alliteration.Also, I’m not a lawyer....

The Actual Reality About Virtual Reality

Screen time is one of the biggest concerns/struggles/die-on-the-hill battles faced by modern parents.How much is too much? How can I cut it down? Why...

Training Wheels

My kid is cautious.Sure she’s adept at charging across the room and tackling me flat onto the couch, leaping onto my back without warning...

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